When is it ok?

When is it ok to start wearing your Christmas jumper?

May 2nd, 2017 by

So you’ve done well this year and got your Christmas jumper nice and early, you’re really proud of your purchase but when is it ok to start wearing it? Turns out there’s quite a wide range of opinions.

The popularity of Christmas jumpers has been growing year by year, it’s now become almost like a competition between friends and family to see who can get the funniest, the cutest, the most stylish or even the rudest sweater for the festive season. The winter months start approaching, the weather has got cold and you can see Christmas day is not too far in the future, the temptation to put on that new jumper is real but when is it ok? We asked a range of people what they think.


Paul – Aged 35 (Graphic Designer)
“I think 1st of December is acceptable really, that’s the start of Christmas for me. I wouldn’t think anything if I see someone wearing a festive jumper after the 1st December but I personally would probably wait another week or two.”

Della – Aged 34 (Housewife)
“Probably once I’ve seen the Coca Cola Christmas advert on TV then that’s ok for me, the shops start putting up the decorations and playing the music so early you might as well get in the spirit.”

John – Aged 59 (Retired)
“A week before Christmas is ok, anything earlier than that is just a bit tacky.”

Diane – Aged 60 (Housewife)
“I only wear one on Christmas day, I wouldn’t wear one to go out.”

Lee – Aged 33 (Mobile DJ)
“I would say day before Christmas but I’m a bit humbug, I guess coming into December is ok for most people. Random that you should ask though because I was actually wearing one at home today, it’s cold and they’re warm.”

Neil – Aged 34 (Poker Player)
“December the 1st is ok for people in offices, before that people are gonna be like wtf.”

Sarah – Aged 28 (Office Worker)
“I think December is ok but if I had it my way it would be earlier, who doesn’t love getting in the Christmas spirit.”

Tony – Aged 24 (Builder)
“A week before Christmas day and no earlier, I want to slap people who wear them too early.”

Chris – Aged 29 (Office Worker)
“Depends when your work Christmas Party is I guess, if it’s early in December then that’s ok, but other than that it’s only really suitable to wear one in the last week of work.”

Michelle – Aged 39 (School Teacher)
“Two weeks before Christmas, that’s when we start wearing them at school. Any earlier it just gets too much and the month really drags.”

Lisa – Aged 51 (Office Worker)
“Probably only for special occasions, so depends what dates they fall on. The office party, the last day of work, Christmas eve and the day itself, any of them are fine.”

Jake – Aged 10 (Student)
“I think 2 weeks before, if you wear one at the start of December you look a bit stupid. Mainly wear them for end of school, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.”


So quite a mixed response, In general people seem to think the start of December is acceptable and you won’t get too many funny looks. Any earlier than December you might get a slap in the face which sounds a bit extreme!

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When is it ok to start wearing a Christmas jumper?

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