Other Christmas Trends We Really Like

Other Christmas Trends We Really Like

July 10th, 2019 by

We really like Christmas jumpers, that’s obvious from our website. But it’s not the only thing we like about the festive season, here’s our run down of quirky Christmas trends.

We’ve searched high and low to find our favourite Christmas trends, other than jumpers of course. Some of these are new within recent years and some have been going for many generations.

Family Pyjamas

Matching Family Pyjamas

This is so adorable, the whole family including pets wearing matching pyjamas. It really started to get popular last year, and I imagine it will be even bigger this year. It’s also become popular for taking family selfies to share on your favourite social network, my timeline was filled with cute pictures in December. I can see other opportunities with it too, personalised Christmas cards is a good shout, or imagine everyone at work wearing them for the Christmas party.

Personalised Stockings

Personalised Stockings

Who doesn’t love to see the stockings hanging in the living room? Personalised stockings just add that little extra to the look, plus everyone knows which theirs is. Of course, kids love them, in fact mine insist that we have them. It’s not something new, I can remember them way back when I was kid, but it’s still a nice touch.

Carry Me Costumes

Carry Me costumes

These are brilliant fun, guaranteed to get everyone laughing. You could wear one to the office party, maybe to the pub on Christmas day, or just turn up for the Christmas dinner and make all the family laugh. We sell a range of these hilarious carry me costumes in our shop, we know they’re not quite jumpers, but we bend the rules occasionally.

Outdoor Decorations

Extravagant Outdoor Decorations

It’s like a competition where I live, who can have the craziest outdoor decorations. Always reminds me of the classic film “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”, with Chevy Chase blinding the neighbours with lights. But decorations have come a long way since that film come out in the early 80’s, with giant animated figures and characters.


Elf on a shelf

This first come about in 2005 after the popular children’s picture book was released, now parents across the country are frantically moving the cute elves to new locations around the house every night. Although the book has come in for some criticism, children clearly love it and that’s all that matters.

Reindeer Food

Reindeer Food

Ok, this is a bit of a silly one, but it’s a thing. You can now buy reindeer food to leave our on Christmas eve, Santa’s not the only one getting gifts. Previously a reindeer might have been lucky to get a carrot, but now they can have fancy food that’s apparently magical. Actually, it’s been criticised quite a bit, we suggest if you’re going to leave food out then make it food that the other wildlife can eat without harming them!

Advent calendar

Advent Calendars

You can still get the traditional advent calendars, but in recent years we’ve seen a new beast appear. Expensive calendars with better gifts such as perfume, makeup and other luxuries. You can pay anywhere up to £200 for one, sounds ridiculous but you’d be running down the stairs to open it each day if your partner decides to treat you.


That’s our Christmas trends roundup complete, we look forward to any new trends that appear in 2019.


Just a little updated on this article, it’s now 2020 and we highly recommend that you also checkout this years hottest trend: Christmask Masks

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