Christmas Jumpers For Pets

Christmas Jumpers for your pets?

June 8th, 2019 by

We can’t decide if it’s cute or cruel, either way it’s a thing and we’re giving you the run down on the funniest and best Christmas jumpers available for pets.

Imagine the scene, you and your family all gathered on Christmas day wearing your festive sweaters, now the pets can even join in. Take them ugly sweater selfies to the next level, Instagram will be loving your pictures with your furry friends. It seems that there’s a big selection for dogs, but cat lovers fear not, as we have found some choices for you too.

To be fair, a nice warm jumper for your dog on them cold winter walks probably isn’t a bad shout. Personally, I’ve got a cat and if I tried to slip one of these outfits on him, I think he’d scratch my eyes out! But I guess this is big business, you only have to search Instagram or Twitter to see how many people are sharing Christmas pictures of their cats and dogs. Our pets are a big part of the family, so why wouldn’t you want them fully involved with the celebrations.

Gog Pullover

This first pullover for your dog looks alright, it’s festive but it looks comfortable for them to wear. For £10.99 it’s worth buying even if you can only slip it on temporarily, get them photos and then take it straight off. It seems a popular choice, lots of review and one reviewer posting a picture. The reviewers dog looks reasonably happy, so it’s a thumbs up from us.

Dog Two Legged Costume

This one is hilarious, the two-leg dog costume that will win Christmas. Imagine taking your dog for a walk in this, you’d never get home with the amount of people stopping you and laughing. It looks like it’s only suitable for small dogs, with the XL size only 8.3 inches in height. Some reviewers are indeed saying it comes up small, with one reviewer dressing their average sized cat in it.

Dog Behind CostumeDog Behind Costume

Wow, I’m almost lost for words on this one, I can’t work out if I have a rude mind or if it’s slightly inappropriate. Looking at the comments it seems I’m the one with the problem as all the reviewers are calling it cute. According to the product description it’s easy to put on, though if I’m honest I don’t think the dog in the photo looks totally impressed about it.

Dog Jumpsuit

This dog reindeer jumpsuit does look cute, looks super warm and cosy too. Again, this one comes in different sizes but I’m not sure it’s suitable for the larger dog. Probably the most popular outfit available, with one reviewer calling it a “showstopper”, apparently it caused “mayhem” when people saw their dog wearing it. I’m not exactly sure how long you could your dog wearing this, with them big reindeer antlers I doubt it’s very comfortable for them to lay down in.

Cat Jumper

Cat lovers we’ve got you covered too; this Rudolph cat Christmas jumper is adorable. I can’t help but think that cat in the picture wants to cry, so it might be difficult getting it on. However, some reviewers are saying the opposite, their kitty likes wearing it in the wintertime.

Cat Costume

This one looks funny and probably easier to put on than the last, as far as I can see it’s just two velcro straps. There are lots of good reviews for this product with many people posting pictures of their furry friends wearing the item. Available for small, medium and large cats, some people even buy it for small dogs.

That completes our Christmas jumper run down for your dog and cats, I did look for other animals but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. After reading all the reviews for these products I’ve made up my mind, it’s not cruel, it’s super cute. I’m going to try and get my cat in something festive this winter, but I think if it is possible it will only be for a quick photo and then done.

We’ll be looking at what new clothes and accessories come out for our pets during 2019, if we find a nice selection of new bits maybe we will do part 2 closer to the winter season.

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