Last Year’s Most Popular

Last Year’s Most Popular (2018)

April 23rd, 2019 by

Wow guys, the figures are in and you lot went crazy for our Christmas Jumpers! We can’t quite decide if we’re surprised by the stats or not, either way it’s clear you’re a naughty bunch.

That’s right, the most popular jumpers we sold in the 2018 winter period are from the rude selection, I guess they are pretty funny. Whether you wear them to work, the office party or just with the family, there’s no doubt they’re making people laugh and helping people get into the Christmas spirit.

The Christmas jumper market continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing up, the sales figures are up again for consecutive years. The other thing very noticeable is people are shopping earlier, we had many sales as early as August and September. Early shopping is no surprise to us though, we’ve experienced the pain ourselves of leaving it to the last minute and ending up with a shocking sweater. There was plenty of last-minute orders too (Mainly Mens Christmas Jumpers of course), this was made possible thanks to the fast delivery options available at checkout. We also noticed a fair amount of people still buying theirs after the big day, who knows if that was for New Year’s Eve or putting it away for next year.

Anyways, let’s jump straight into it and look at some of the most popular items in no particular order.


On The Piste

On The Piste

Well I guess we do like a drink or five around this time of the year, perfect for the office party or maybe just a night at the local.


Out With The Lads

Lads Jumper

We really do love this jumper and it’s clear you guys love it too. It’s funny with a cute design, it’s also pretty accurate for what most cheeky lads get up to come December.


London Christmas Jumper

London Christmas Jumper

This one is stylish and smart, it’s got a more professional vibe to it. Perfect for the office worker or someone commuting into the city.


Prosecco Ho Ho Ho


Of course, the ladies are no better, they love a drink probably more than the men. This one is popular every year, prosecco is the choice of drink for many out there.


Dachshund Through The Snow

Dachshund Jumper

Now this is a cute jumper, it features a brilliant design with a stylish fit. This is clearly a super popular choice for all dog lovers.


Flossing Through The Snow

Flossing Through The Snow

The dance craze of the year that originated from the game Fortnite, it was always going to be a hit with kids and gamers.


Breast Man

Breast Man

Rude but in a tasteful way, if that’s possible. It’s a nice jumper though, nice material and a nice fit.


To The Pub

To The Pub

This classic has been a best seller for the last few years, it goes without saying the pub is the highlight for some people.


Carry Me Snowman

Carry Me Snowman

These piggyback costumes really took off this year, not just this design, we sold lots of all the variations available.


Festive Dress

Gingerbread Dress

Ok, not a jumper but we sell this swing dress and we sold loads. There are about 20 different styles to pick from, all of them adorable.


That completes the list for this year, as you can see many rude designs are trending. We think it was a great year with some lovely designs, we’re already looking forward to next year. We’re expecting to see a host of new design released in the near future, so keep an eye out at the end of the summer, we’ll be releasing our list of predictions for best sellers in 2019.

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