The biggest and the best collection of Christmas jumpers for this winter’s festive season 2018, outfits available for men, women and kids. You won’t find a better selection of ugly xmas sweaters anywhere from the North to the South pole. We also have a great range of novelty costumes and xmas accessories, you’re sure to find something perfect for your Christmas meal, office party or family gathering. Christmas jumper day launched back in 2012 and has grown more popular with schools and workplaces every year since, it’s the perfect opportunity to raise money and awareness for the Save the Children charity.

Don’t leave it to the last minute, frantically searching around your local shops looking for something even just acceptable. We’ve done that ourselves and it’s not pretty, you’ll struggle to find anything in the right size and if you do it won’t be what you wanted. Our website gives you literally hundreds of ideas, get something different so that your friends and family won’t have the same pullover. We’ve got tons of commercial Christmas themed brands that you will know and love, there’s something for the whole family.


Take a look at our featured Christmas jumpers and accessories, get the festive look that will impress all of your friends and family.

Pac-Man Official Christmas Jumper

Pac-Man Official Christmas Jumper

80’s arcade favourite Pac-Man on this official high quality jumper, Waka Waka Waka!!!

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Official Christmas Jumper

DC Comics Suicide Squad official Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Little Monster” Christmas Jumper.

Back to The Future

Back to The Future Christmas Jumper

Great Scott! This is a must have Christmas Jumper for any Back To The Future fan.

Carry Me Snowman

Carry Me Snowman Christmas Costume

This hilarious carry me snowman costume is guaranteed to get a laugh at any Christmas party.

Mans Not Hot

Mans Not Hot Christmas Jumper

Inspired by Big Shaq’s anthem Mans Not Hot, this is the must have Christmas jumper for all grime fans.

Couples Christmas Jumper

Couples Christmas Jumper

This Christmas jumper is perfect for romantic couples who don’t want to be separated in the festive season.


Prosecco Ho Ho Ho Christmas Jumper

I think we all know someone who needs this, get the ultimate Prosecco Christmas jumper.

To The Pub

To The Pub Christmas Jumper

If you spend more time at the pub than with family this is the festive jumper for you.

Dr Who Kids

Doctor Who Kids Christmas Jumper

Doctor Who fans will love this snowy Dalek festive jumper for kids… Exterminate.

Run Xmas Jumper

Runners Christmas Jumper

The run xmas jumper is a great choice for all you running fanatics this festive season.

Lads Jumper

Out with the Lads Christmas Jumper

If you’re going “out with the lads” at christmas then this jumper is a must have! Perfect for a trip down the pub.

Tesco Value Jumper

Tesco Value Christmas Jumper

This funny Tesco value Christmas jumper is a great choice for anyone who loves a bargain.



Our blog is full of information about Christmas clothing, novelty outfits and festive accessories, occasionally we might add in other xmas related articles that we think our readers will be interested in.

The History

Everyone loves to wear their ugly Christmas jumper during the festive period but where did it all come from? It was in the 80’s when various TV personalities such as Timmy Mallett and Noel Edmonds started wearing them, it was during this time that every day people started to wear them to work, the office party and Christmas day itself.

In the 1990s and 2000s the once loved Christmas sweater had now become unpopular, nothing more than a joke gift that nobody would wear. At this point it seemed that the xmas pullover was gone forever but in the 2010s we’ve seen a miraculous turnaround with Amazon reporting a huge sales increase in 2011 and it’s been growing ever since. Christmas Jumper Day was launched in 2012, a popular annual event that raises money and awareness for the Save the Children charity.

It’s pretty safe to say the Christmas themed knitted jumper won’t be going anywhere soon, it’s become almost a competition between friends and family to see who can get the ugliest, the funniest or the cutest design each year.

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